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The Lance! The Lance!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Original too! :P

its a super good game but few problems :p
-boss is beatable easly at 2nd gen, i did a lvl9
-there is nothing after the champ so if you kill him early, you dont get to use all the stuff there is to buy, i was still with the first shield lol also a medal is to get the last horse pretty hard to get if you just play well
-nothing big but IN THE SEQUEL WICH WOULD BE AWSOME, dont repeat the exploit. cuz you can just wav your mouse around and the shield follows is so you can get always massive hits. :P i wont talk about the goood things cuz its an addictivly good game!

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Super Puzzle Platformer Super Puzzle Platformer

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I just wonder how you can mix a tetris, a shooter put this with oldish style.
On top of that u put a lot of little things wich makes this game even better! like the gun upgrades, the skull blocs... I MEAN...FUCK

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The Outsider The Outsider

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good but...

I fell on a glich, after the giant staircase, i managed to open the first door but when I click on the arrow of the second door, it does nothing. Tell me if i'm just not supposed to go there because I really like your game.
The books gave a very interesting side to the story.
The gameplay itself (if im stuck on the glitch) isn't so hard if you compare it to others like riddle school and its the first one that I was able to adveance at a regular rythme.
The story itself has a lot of suspense, and even though I can guess it a little, I definitivly wanna know the ending.
Hope you can fix the bug soon cuz its a nice game you did(especialy since it was for the game jam and that you didnt had a lot of time).

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bcdefg123 responds:

It's not a glitch - you have to unlock the second door somehow. - Brian

Goin Up Goin Up

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Haha, first review :P
okay, this is defenitively going in my top 3 games on newgrounds.
The art was exellent, gonzzo keeps up his style and thats what make these games so attractive. THe design and esthetic of this game are perfect!
I also liked the concept of mixing to games like mario and doodle jump and pokemon :3 . The gameplay was pretty good, I didnt fell on any glitches or bug. My only complain is about the character. Thats where you loose your point. They are not balanced at all, the bonuses that they give is almost invisible... like speed or jumping, and strengh is at its max anyway when you level up. On top of that, squirtle, well i mean he totaly kicks ass compared to the others. You get an enemy on the side and you kill him + extra life. And the last character xD well he dont gives a bonus either even though he cost a HELL LOT of kullz :P
Great score there too, sfx where greatly choose, good music too but a little repetitive when you play like an addic haha! after few hours, I muted it.

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